Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boo. Hiss.

I've been super-great at getting over Colin lately. Like, when we were supposed to go out two weekends ago and I (accidentally) stood him up to go to dinner with my family. And didn't feel bad about it.

I rarely call him anymore. We used to email every day at work - but it's more like a once per week thing now. Communication with him just isn't the priority and the highlight of my day like it used to be.

We emailed a bit at work today, though. I mentioned that I'd be at Mom and Dad's tonight. Told him that he should call me if he wanted to do anything.

And now it's an hour after he was supposed to get off of work and I haven't heard from him and I'm bummed. It's stupid. It's only an hour - he could still call - and I'm supposed to be over him and his mind games and his indecision, anyway.

But I'm bummed.

And I'm bummed that I'm bummed.

All this time I was praising myself! Applauding my huge progress!

He hasn't called. It still makes me sad.


Plantation said...

Don't worry. You'll have a blast on your Jewish date and realize there ARE others out there for you.

Anonymous said...

It's okay to feel bummed. A first relationship is special and will always tug at your heart strings.

A said...

Hahaha. PT, I love how you just referred to it as my "Jewish date." I keep doing the same thing and then being like, "Alyson! You’re horrible! His religion is not an issue at this point!"

Bill, thanks. I always love hearing from you. You’re awesome.

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