Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And now I really lose it

I was just emailed a staffing update from the president of our company. Apparently, not only is Carrie taking back the job that she just left, she is also TAKING THE JOB THAT I “INTERVIEWED” FOR IN THE SPRING.

Have I mentioned that Carrie graduated two years before me? 7-10 years my ass.

Technically, she’s staying in her original job and splitting this new one with another person. A guy who was hired into an entry-level position well after I was. Who graduated from “college” (if you can call where he went college) the same year as I did. Again, 7-10 years my ass. This kid doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. Sweet. Swell. Etc.

How about you motherfuckers break my heart every Wednesday?

This place is a joke.

I feel significantly less guilty about spending my morning on Monster.


Anonymous said...

I also find that work is the best place for searching for OTHER jobs!

And for reading other people's blogs...

Thanks for brightening an otherwise dull day in a stuffy cubicle!


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