Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why I maybe shouldn't watch the World Cup

I spent my entire weekend, but for the evenings (when soccer wasn't on) and part of Saturday afternoon (when I was at Danielle's show) watching the World Cup.

I definitely woke up early especially to watch David Beckham (my husband) and England play on Saturday morning. Same for this morning and the Dutch squad. Love it. Fucking love the World Cup.


I had a soccer game this evening. And, let me be brutally honest: my team blows. We have the slowest defense EVER. I mean, one girl gave birth to twins four months ago (!) and another was playing on a sprained ankle but, still, so slow. The weakest part of our team.

Anyway. The other team's forwards kept smoking our defense. Over and over and over. And Meg, our goalie, kept stopping them. And stopping them and stopping them.

In the last 15 minutes of the game, I was put back at sweeper. Sweeper is the defender of all defenders - she's the last player back and she doesn't have a player to mark up so that she can boss everyone else around.

I'm an offensive player. I really have no business playing sweeper. But, I'm quite quick and we needed someone to stop their forwards so that we'd have a chance at tying up the game (we were losing, 2-1).

So there's maybe 3 minutes left in the game. The opponent's left forward gets the ball and is flying down the sideline. She, of course, beats our defender. And so it's just me and her. I'm running pretty much even with her, so I do what I need to do: slide tackle. I made contact with the ball first (making the play completely legal) and, after, she tripped over my outstretched leg. Whatever.

So she starts bitching to the referee - who knew that I just pulled the awesomest, sweetest play ever, making her look like a damn fool. He's like "no foul, lady." And I'm like, "damn right, that was clean."

And, as I say this, I realize that my right hand is full of grass (I must've grabbed onto the grass as I was pulling myself off of the ground).

I throw it in her face.


The tackle might've been legal, but tossing a small handful of grass into my opponent's face probably wasn't.

Not that it matters: the ref didn't see.

I don't know what gets into me.


Anonymous said...
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Plantation said...

You're such a Sport-O. A real treasure.

Anonymous said...

You are totally awesome. I love the world cup too! Definitely my favorite time of year -- every four years. :)


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