Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The unbearable weirdness of dreaming

Every so often, I have a dream that is so insanely random that I think about it for four days straight.

I'm on day two of my most recent fit of dream pondering.

Yesterday, I woke up and didn't quite remember the dream that, now, I can't stop thinking about. It was a good dream, I assumed, because I woke up rather chipper despite the time (5:20 am) on my clock. Over the course of a shower, staring blankly at my closet, aimlessly wandering through my apartment, the making/downing of one bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with Splenda brown sugar, swearing at my hair and dancing shamelessly to Dashboard Confessional in my bathroom, I started to remember.

It involved a ring. It definitely involved a ring. I kept starting at it. I recalled that much.

I wanted to like it. It meant a lot to me.

But it was ugly.

An ugly ring. Yes, that was it. An ugly ring of diamonds, set in...


Okay. In my dream I was wearing a diamond ring with a cardboard setting. Pretty! What girl wouldn't want an...engagement (?!?!) ring set in cardboard?

Oh, God. It WAS an engagement ring.

What is wrong with me, dreaming of a cardboard engagement ring?!

A cardboard engagement ring that still had a K-Mart price tag on it ($499), to be more precise.

That I tried and tried and tried to like.

Because Colin had picked it out for me.

I was afraid to tell Colin about the dream. I was scared that the dream, based in our being married, would cause his skin would flush and his tongue to swell and a nasty rash to develop on his shins.

But I just couldn't help myself.

When I told him, he was just amused. He didn't even faint. He said "so I'll have to start saving now?"

And mentioned it again when I talked to him later that night.

I don't know what any of it means!

The dream. Colin's comment on the dream. And why I'm still even thinking about this.


Bill Robertson said...

A cardboard setting for a diamond ring - okay. Just don't settle for a house of straw or wood.

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