Monday, June 05, 2006

Reflections on an afternoon with actors

The entire cast of the musical that my cousin Danielle is in was invited over to our house for a party today.

I only worked until noon so that I could help out. I am very good at being a hostess.

Mostly, though, I learned about touring actors.

1. They have small dogs to travel with.
2. Or children. (Really! They bring their kids on the road!)
3. Or spouses.
4. Or all three!
5. They're never completely off stage.
6. Or completely out of costume.
7. They appreciate a real, true house. That people actually live in.
8. They overuse the word "awesome" in describing a real, true house that people actually live in.
9. They're big huggers.
10. They're also surprisingly big eaters.
11. I'm talkin' dessert, too.
12. They're humble when Meg points out that they had a major part in one of her favorite childhood television series.
13. They are each other's only friends and family on the road, and they know it.
14. They appreciate a pretty view.
15. And they can devour an enormous ice cream pie in 10 minutes.


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