Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A pinch of this

Please forgive me, sweet readers, if this is scattered and nonsensical. My day off, which has been Friday for some time, has been switched to Wednesday for the summer. Consequently, I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing.

Will definitely be taking the easy way out tonight.

Performance review: Pointless. I rated myself average for 90% of the categories, thus forcing my boss to mark me up over and over and over. She, per usual, didn't pick up on my oh-so-subtle mind game. I, per usual, was still amused.

Mother Nature, Whore Extraordinaire: Currently, my skin is a charming shade of blinding white. I need a fricking hour in some quality sunshine (wearing sunscreen!) like I need oxygen. I had nothing to do and nobody to see today; laying on the deck at Mom and Dad's house with a book and my iPod was first priority. Good thing that today has brought nothing but thunderstorms.

World Cup: Excellent backup for sleeping in the sun. I'm going to have a huge void in my life when this tournament is through.

Betty Crocker: When I wasn't parked in front of the television today, I was in the kitchen. First on my agenda was baking the homemade Oreo cookies that were previously posted at Smitten. Later, I whipped out peanut-crusted chicken (featured in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food last issue) for the fam. Quite delicious. I kind of kick all sorts of ass in the kitchen.

The Hills: You know I have to go and watch it now. It's a damn good thing that I don't look like I'm 23, because I sure as hell don't act like I am.


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