Sunday, June 04, 2006

The judges liked my spins

I passed my skating test yesterday. Passed it with colors that could be described as nearly flying, as a matter of fact.

I get nervous. I’m significantly better with my nerves now than I was when I started skating, but, honestly, is there any shame in having weak knees when you’re performing on thin steel blades? I think not.

I’ve improved my nervousness so that I feel it primarily on my warm-up session – the five minutes that the skaters in your group (generally, you’re broken into chunks of 5-8 skaters) have to get onto the ice and practice prior to your test or competition.

Warm-ups can be intense. Everyone has their agenda and wants to get through their practice. You have to rush things a little bit and that rush can lead to your screwing up on something that you’re normally quite good at. And screwing up on something you know you can usually do is rather unnerving.

Yesterday, I went out on my warm-up and killed it. I have never been so aggressive or so on in a warm-up session. It was fantastic.

And then I had to wait 20 minutes until I skated.

Less than fantastic.

Despite the delay, when it was my turn to test, I skate like I took the twenty-minute delay and listened to AC/DC to keep myself pumped up.

So I totally passed.

And that, my friends, is a totally awesome feeling. Sure, it's a silly little skating test. But it's also me, alone, on the ice. Little ol' shy, anxious me.

I love proving myself wrong.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! As someone who almost always chokes during "big" moments I take my hat off to you for nailing that test.


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