Friday, June 23, 2006

I'd be excited that it's Friday, but I'm working tomorrow

Things I am loving this fine Friday morning
1. Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea
2. Painting my nails at my desk to take revenge for the fact that I have to be at work three hours before anyone else
3. That I can see a television, tuned to ESPN, from my desk
4. Anticipation for Saudi Arabia v. Spain, Ukraine v. Tunisia, Switzerland v. South Korea, Togo v. France
5. Filling out my World Cup bracket
6. David Beckham
7. My breakfast of Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken
8. (Who can tell where I went grocery shopping this week?)
9. Reader emails that point out random, silly coincidences that make me realize how small the world can be
10. That I put in to take Monday, July 3rd off, thus giving me July 1-5 off of work. Five days off! Holla!
11. That I just used the word holla in my blog
12. Return emails from my aunt that say, in response to me asking if she’ll be attending my cousin’s dance recital, “I wouldn’t make you do that alone.”

Things I am not even close to loving this fine Friday morning
1. The fact that I’m at work, even though it’s Friday and Fridays have been my day off since September (SO WHY, BOSS, WOULD YOU CHANGE IT WITHOUT ASKING ME?!!)
2. Knowledge that I will spend my evening at little Cousin Paige’s dance recital, which will last no longer than 92 agonizing hours of sequins, taffeta and over-rouged children
3. 5:30 am wake-up call. Dear Alarm Clock, blow me.
4. That the president of my company still hasn’t gotten back to me regarding the job opening at the sister company that I interned with
5. That I found the job posting for the open position on a professional organization’s job board/website
6. The sun. It is out. I am not.
7. Every single person currently in this building

Things that I don’t even care enough about to have an opinion on this fine Friday morning
1. The work I should probably be doing right now


Lisa said...

hey there-i read your blog every so often. its fun to read it-the way you word things can be so funny! =)

oh, i got your blog off of stace's blog "the sh*t i let be known*

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