Thursday, June 08, 2006

Elderly at 23

I’m simply too old for this.

This week has battered me.

Soccer game. Cast party. Concert. A night of doing laundry and watching Amelie. Baking chocolate cum cakes. The excitement is too much. The coffee: blood ratio is too high. I am too old.

My cousin being in town with her show raises my exhaustion quotient. I see it on Saturday, next Thursday and possibly again the following weekend, when she’s on stage for the lead that she understudies.


I had forgotten how busy summers can be. This one, especially.

I’m trying to squeeze in time for three skates per week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday), along with soccer (Sundays) and yoga (Friday) and some quality time with the treadmill (Tuesday, maybe?). I have a wedding shower to plan. I would occasionally like to see the sunshine.

Meg is at home without many friends to spend time with; I feel obligated to be at Mom and Dad’s house whenever my schedule allows it. Silly, maybe, but she’s my little sister and I don’t like her to be sad or lonely and if my company can keep her from being sad or lonely (and away from Jay), I’ll drive the hour home to hang with her.

Fretting about impending weddings takes time. I’m invited to three this summer. The + guest is causing too much stress. Two of the three weddings are out-of-town and my parents happen to be invited to both them. How is that going to work? “Ma and Pa, I know that I haven’t even bothered telling you that Colin is anything more than a friend because I’m afraid that once I do we’ll break things off immediately and I’ll have to give you an awkward explanation, but he’s my date for these weddings and I’ll obviously have to share a hotel room with him. I hope that’s not too weird for you.”

The aforementioned weddings will each eat an entire weekend. First up is Aviva’s brother’s, a local affair (thank goodness) the second weekend in July. The next weekend is Meg’s best friend Nicole’s (we got the invitations today and they are positively atrocious). And, then, of course, is Lucy’s affair – which I am fully expecting to suck the life from me.

And Lucy’s shower, which will be another full weekend.

And Meg’s birthday. Always cause for incessant partying.

It’s appropriate that we had Mom and Dad’s anniversary party on Memorial Day weekend and Lucy is getting married on Labor Day weekend. What fitting bookends for a summer that already exhausts me.


Bill Robertson said...

Wait! Sharing a hotel room? Have I missed something? Anyway. Try not to get too worn down by your schedule.

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