Friday, June 02, 2006

Bake off

On the one-week anniversary of The Great Cake Adventure, I bring you The Great Cake Adventure Photo Blog.

Ta da!

Just as she did for Mom and Dad's wedding, Grandma bought the cake from a bakery (there is a limit to the Martha Stewartness when you're trying to stay sane for a wedding, you know?). This was our blank canvas. Our jumping-off point. Where we started.

Marzipan turds. For the record, I find marzipan to be extremely disgusting. Three bowls of marzipan for three different colors of grapes.

My Grandma the Troll, mapping out how she would decorate the sides of the cake with buttercream frosting.

Meg puts on the first purple grapes.

Green and purple grapes on the bottom layer.

Meg and Grandma stack the first and second layers.

The top layer!

The top of the top layer!

Grandma, me and my pointy witch nose stack the top layer.

I'll probably only keep this up until the end of the weekend, but I cannot resist posting a picture of us blonde babes.

My sis, me and my cousins! From left to right: Meg, me, Anna, Emma.


Unknown said...

You are GORGEOUS!!! I have the exact same nose. I used to hate it but now love it. I guess because I'm stuck with it.

Yum, now I'm hungry for cake :) mmmmm!

Bill Robertson said...

You are hands down more gorgeous than Meg (not that you two are ever competitive about anything)!

betsy said...

We knew you were a hottie! And damn, those grapes on that cake look like some damn hard work!

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