Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Turning the bitch in

Probably I should tell someone about what happened. I cannot imagine that a person with even an ounce of common sense would think that last Friday's incident was okay/professional.

But, in a small company, it doesn't take much to be painted in a corner.

Which is pretty much where I am.

My boss is married to the man who is widely considered the best at his (high-ranking) position in the company.

She used to work closely with the lady who is now the one-woman human resources department.

Our one-woman H.R. department is the company president's younger sister.

And I am the screwed bottom-dweller.

I'm certain that my boss told Ms. Human Resources about what happened. I do not doubt that Ms. Human Resources would lie for my boss, should I confront her regarding the means in which she obtained my email password. And I expect that, if I ever bring up the situation to her, it would be calling even more attention to the scarlet letter that I feel like I'm already wearing.

Quite simply: it isn't worth the time, the effort or the energy.

I just need to find a new job.

Because this is going to get worse before it gets better. My company has a history of pushing employees out, making situations so miserable that you quit instead of being fired. That way there's no unemployment for the Cheapest Company in America to pay.

This is the beginning, I feel, of my being pushed out.

Now the question is whether I can dig my heels in and take it until I find a new job.

Or until they give up and just fire me.


Unknown said...

I just cannot believe HOW unprofessional they are!! I hope you can get a new job PRONTO and get outta there and leave them hanging!

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