Monday, May 22, 2006

Tra la la la la (or: bonding with Miss Meg)

This weekend was loverly.

I have not enjoyed a weekend so much in many months.

And I anticipate next weekend will be better – as I will have four consecutive days off! And the anniversary party! And I won’t be working for four days straight! And a birthday party for my little cousin Max! And I won’t work for four days!

And I don’t have to go to a wedding shower.

I hate wedding showers.

I’ve already covered Friday night. I worked during the day on Saturday, but was virtually in a coma the entire time, thus making the entire day significantly less painful than it normally is.

I left work at 4:00 pm and was in bed by 4:30. I slept – oh, glorious sleep! – until 9:00 pm when Meg called me. After spending the last two days helping her best friend plan for her wedding (which is another looooong, amusing story), she was on her way over.

We had a stupid wedding shower to go to for Nicole – Meg’s bestest – on Sunday and it was more time/energy/sanity-effective for Meg to spend the night at my apartment.

She didn’t get to my ‘hood until 10:30. We skipped on over to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. My salad was 90% dressing, 10% greenery. Gross. Thank goodness for the mini cheeseburger appetizer.

Back at my apartment ‘round midnight. I lasted through two SNL skits before stumbling into my bed. Sleep felt, again, exceptional.

Meg and I went to breakfast on Sunday morning. We watched MTV for a bit, gussied ourselves up, and went to Nicole’s wedding shower.

Like I said: I hate wedding showers.

After that joyous occasion of pure torture, Meggie and I went to the gym and watched the end of the Pistons game while sweating our asses off, snacked (she likes to eat as much as I do) and went to my hockey game.

At my hockey game, I just tried not to suck because Meg is a legitimate hockey player and I only pretend to be.

Then she went home and I went home and – viola! – weekend over.

Am working four 10-hour days this week.

Getting up this morning sucked my ass.


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