Saturday, May 27, 2006

Social butterfly

Got the invitation to Lucy's wedding in the mail yesterday. It was crazy, oh-they're-really-going-through-with-this moment. Cute invites, though.

Am currently dressed (in an adorable H&M dress I got in Chicago last year, if you must know) and ready to leave for Aviva's brother's financee's wedding shower.

I went this morning and got a manicure and a pedicure and I feel more fabulous than words can possibly describe. I am such a fancy, sophisticated girl. Who owns two hot feet.

(Actually, the part about the hot feet is a complete lie.)

My Aunt Lynn, who is supposed to be bringing my mom to the country club for the anniversary party, just called my mom. She's all "come out to dinner with me tomorrow!" and my mom was all "well, I don't know...maybe...oh! Actually, I don't think I can. Meg has a friend coming over and I told her I'd take them to Mexican Village for dinner."


So I guess Meg and her pal have to find a reason to be unavailable for dinner tomorrow night.

And Aunt Lynn and Dad need to find a reason to get her to the party.

Mostly I am just showing up and looking beautiful.

p.s. Meg and I were out of the house all day yesterday without incident. Mom thinks we were at the boat. We were decorating the cake with beautiful little marzipan grapes. And shopping at Costco.

...Mom went shopping at Costco, too.

Not at the same time. Lucky.


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