Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sleepy as good

I got up to skate at 6:30 on Friday morning.

I still haven’t gone to sleep.

Last night was long and lovely. With Colin. Simplistic. Sweet. We’re on the verge of something. I can feel it. It will be good.

I was with him until 10 minutes after six this morning, when I retreated to Stella with visions of Starbucks dancing in my head.

I squinted, inhaled my mocha, sang (poorly) along with the Wicked cast recording as I drove east. Back to my apartment.

Back to work – after an unheard of two-day absence – after a shower and a bit of girly giddiness over a cup of tea.

Work has unsuccessfully put me into a coma.

My bed is going to feel so fucking good.


betsy said...

Better wake up in time to see the Cavs kick some ass tonight!!!!!!!!


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