Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Party animals

The anniversary party, if I do say so myself, was a huge success. My mom – who I have never been able to pull anything off on – was totally, completely, absolutely surprised. She had no idea. And she was so, so happy.

She just kept saying how nice it was to be in a room with so much love.

The story was that she was going out to dinner with Aunt Lynn. Then my dad, who was supposedly at the country club picking up his golf clubs after having them regripped, called Mom and told her that he’d locked his keys in his car.

So Aunt Lynn and Mom trekked down to the country club (less than a mile from Aunt Lynn’s house), bitching about how stupid my dad was. Mom was content with waiting for him in the car; Aunt Lynn thought quickly and talked Mom into going in with her to grab my dad and check out the wedding reception that was being set up in another room.

They swung by the grill room, where we were holding the party, and – oooh! – look! – there’s Meg! There’s your mom! And your sister from Chicago! And your coworker with the screaming red hair!

The first thing my mom said to my dad was “you knew how to do this?”

The next thing was “I don’t even have makeup on!”

Followed shortly thereafter by “damn you, motherfucker!”

Mom was very disturbed that we pulled such a trick over on her. She was also very pleased.

And, of course, totally proud that Meg and I did the family name good and hosted a hell of a bash. And decorated a gorgeous cake (will definitely post pictures). We are so f’ing domestic.

Before dinner, my grandma made a very sweet toast that made us all cry just a little bit.

Dinner was delicious. The stupid party planning broad gave us the wrong appetizers and claimed that there were no kids meals on our order (liar!), which temporarily turned me into a faux Bridezilla. In addition to being gorgeous, the cake was also quite yummy, but the pieces were cut very small. Like, Meg ate at least five pieces small. Mmmmm.

One of my favorite contributions to the party was the Polaroid photo album that I bought after finding it listed on Mighty Goods. People thought it was totally fun and they wrote my parents very flattering, nice, heartfelt notes. Totally worth the money.

The verdict is out on whether the disposable cameras on the tables were worth the money. My guess? For only the hilarity that is the ridiculous and embarrassing photos of the guests that we’ll get whenever we get around to finishing and developing the cameras (read: six months from now).

The party ran late (we were supposed to be out of the room at 10:00, but it was nearly 11 by the time everyone had gone) and nobody left a minute early.

So it must’ve been a good party, right?

I’d like to think so.


Bill Robertson said...

Gee, I just wish that you and Meg had been in charge of our 40th this past April.

betsy said...

Dude, you decorated a cake? YOU ARE f'n awesome! Glad the party was a success!!!

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