Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The leech that won't leave

It's funny how my parents both conveniently "forgot" to tell me that Meg's, uh, friend Jay impregnated his 19-year girlfriend.

Mom said that I didn't need any more fuel in my fire.

True that!

Jay was out of the picture for a glorious month, after which he saw Meg a few times. Nothing much resulted of it: they weren't back to their all-day, every-day routine on Loser Patrol.

Now Meg is at home, within a 10-minute drive of Jay, with nothing to do. Basically none of her friends are coming home for the summer. Her job as a camp counselor doesn't start until mid-June. And Jay has been over each of the last two days.


I now feel it my responsibility to keep Meg busy all summer. In addition to working at camp, I've set her up with a job within my company (where part-timers, especially in her position, do not deal with 1% of the shit that I do) that will hopefully occupy her from when she leaves camp at 12:30 pm until she goes to sleep.

Everyone, cross your fingers.

I don't know why Jay is back in the picture, anyway.

Probably because he and his baby momma will soon need a babysitter.


Stace said...

So your saying this boy your sister is dating got another chick pregnant? And your sister doesn't find that repulsing? GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bluntness here, but What the hell are you parents thinking?!! This 30 something guy got at 19 year old pregnant!! GAH! Hellooo, Meg is around that age (if not the same)! If he is ok with sleeping with a 19 year old (and the 19 year old with him) then he is willing to sleep with Meg (but hopefully she is not willing to sleep with him). ACK!

Anyway, she may not see it or realize it now, but good thing she has a sister to protect her! Keep her really busy!

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