Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Realization: Mother's Day is in a week and a half and I not only lack gifts for my mother, I also lack ideas for gifts for my mother.

Stevie is buying my mom a new collar for himself to wear. It might seem selfish, but, with the theme of the collar and our XOXO fanaticism, I think she'll be tickled pink.

Other than that, though, we're screwed.

I think I might give her a card that says something along the lines of:

Lady, sorry Mother's Day sucks, but we're throwing you the coolest surprise party ever. Love, Meg and Aly

I think that would suffice.


Plantation said...

Goddam these tricky word verifications. I lost my comment. I was saying that you should buy your make a card and give her the gift of Alyson. Write her a letter as only you can write. I'm sure she'll cherish it forever. Just go easy on the f-bombs.

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