Monday, May 08, 2006


The thing about Lucy is that she is laid back. And she thinks that it's okay for to call me today and announce that Labor Day weekend 2006 (!) (I was hoping she would get over the rush-to-be-married flu) will be the wedding; she will merely be amused by my reaction - instantaneous hyperventilation.

She told me that I would be the perfect bridesmaid. I think that had something to do with the fact that I immediately insisted that she make a list (I'm certain that she did not) because I needed to get started.


I am very worked up about this.

Labor Day is SOON.

Translation: a shower is sooner. And, being my mother's daughter, I cannot simply settle for a shower. It must be a beautiful shower that showcases my superior party-planning genes. But it can also not be too fancy and I must not forget that this is Lucy's wedding, not mine, and if she wants to be lackadaisical about it, I have to let her be lackadaisical about it because it is not my job to be the bride and make decisions - that is up to her and her mom and I need to get over it.

And that means that I need to take the following off of my list: registry, guest list, photography, food, cake.

And that I should probably chill the fuck out.

And not call her offering to make a wedding binder.

...which I was just really close to doing.

Because it's not my wedding.

Keep reminding me of that, kids.


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