Monday, May 01, 2006

Brave, poor choices

Emma and Anna came over for dinner on Saturday night, sans Aunt Marie (who apparently was quite harsh in speaking to my mom sometime last week before hanging up on her) or their dad (who was in Cincinnati on a golfing trip with my dad).

Emma seemed good.

She was very willing to discuss her hospital stay. She told us about The Cutter, The Bulimic Girl, The Girl Whose Mom Died On New Year’s Eve, The Girl Who Shimmied Up The Fence And Escaped and The 9-year-old Bipolar Girl. She told us about how she was on “SP” – suicide prevention – and how, when other kids asked why she was there, she would say it was for anxiety and depression.

To me, it was awfully brave of her to even discuss it. I would tuck the hospital stay away, put on a smile and pretend it never happened.

After Mom, me, Meg, Emma and Anna went to dinner and ate massive amounts of deliciousness, we settled in on the couch with Meg’s DVD collection to aid our digestion.

Why exactly Meg and Anna (who had both seen the movie) chose In Her Shoes is incredibly beyond me. Okay. It’s a movie that touches on themes that include sisters, family dysfunction, mental illness, suicide and psychiatric drugs. Was this really Emma-appropriate? Could two humans be so self-absorbed that they would not consider this movie in the context of the last week for our family?


It was nearly as bad as settling down with a nice film that featured a death by heart attack as the main catalyst for action with my aunt too, too shortly after my uncle died.

Very awkward.


betsy said...

I got together with some family this weekend too, but all we talked about were mucus plugs and the weather!

A said...

Hahahaha! Are you related to GFF and I didn't realize it?!

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