Monday, May 22, 2006

Bloody hell

Way to brag about not having to go to a wedding shower this weekend, Alyson, when you have a wedding shower to go to this weekend!

I don't know how I could've forgotten! After all, it is for Aviva's brother's fiancee, a girl who I could almost pick out of a crowd.

This is what I got them:

Random, right?

Whatever. It was on the registry.


Stacey Brandow said...

I don't mean to type stupid...but what is that?

A said...

Candle holders, apparently.

I had my aunt pick them up for me, because she works at Marshall Field's, and she said that they were sort of pretty.

The picture does nothing for me, however

Plantation said...

Uuuhh, I'll pass on the candle holders.

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