Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogging the boring

I was going to write out a nice, elaborate thesis on my weekend, but I realized something: my weekends aren’t exciting.

This has an awful lot to do with the fact that I work on Saturday.

Perhaps this working on Saturday thing won’t be for much longer. That position that my company is doing an internal search to hire for? I’m interviewing on Thursday. I couldn’t be any less confident that I’m perfectly suitable for the job, but I also couldn’t be any more confident that nobody else in this company is any more perfectly suitable. So I have that going for me.

Unfortunately, the job is listed on

Maybe the Powers that Be have already decided that the internal candidates are a bust and that interviewing outsiders will be a necessary task.

Maybe I’m looking too much into this.

Maybe I’ll just recap my weekend.

On Thursday night, I went out with Colin. It was uneventful. In a good sort of a way. We’re just feeling our way through this. Nothing in our current relationship could be described as serious. For now, I like it that way.

On Friday, I slept until 8:30 (hurrah!) and spent the day with Mom and Meg. We did lunch and shopping and it was rather lovely. I went back to my apartment late in the evening, watched 20/20 and went sleepy.

I spent Saturday at work. Stupid job.

After working, I went met Meg and Emma at the mall. Meg found a gorgeous dress. We bought 0 Mother’s Day presents (sob). Then we met Emma’s parents for a de-li-cious dinner. Meg and I went back to Mammy and Pappy’s house, jumped in their bed (they were out-of-town for the weekend) and watched Elizabethtown. ...not as good as I had expected.

Sunday was skating (I sucked ass. So embarrassing. Skating is suck a fickle sports), soccer (average performance. Why couldn’t I cross the ball?) and hockey (was peppered with shots, but I was a brick wall personified). Then I went home and went to sleep.

Too much physical activity.

Way too tired today.


betsy said...

Friday sounds good, Sunday makes my legs hurts, too much activity!!!

Ok, so we're gonna have a little rivalry now b/c the D is playing my hometown boys da Cavs in the playoffs, and they totally had their asses handed to them on Sunday. BOOOOO!!!

Chloe said...

A- companies are legally required to post jobs on, even if they are looking internally to fill the position. Don't read anything into that...

A said...

Shut up! I totally had no idea.

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