Thursday, April 27, 2006

Only Lucy

Yes, she’s my best friend. But oh how random she is. When I finally got to talk to her about this impending wedding (which in itself is pretty damn random) last night, she was all over the board.

Ummmm...we’re thinking about marrying at the Zoo.

We were considering kosher catering to accommodate his parents (he’s Jewish), but that’s fucking expensive. Maybe we’ll just, like, get them some kosher food.

I wanted a dinosaur-themed wedding. But I am willing to compromise and have a vintage wedding. What do you think about a vintage wedding? Wouldn’t it be fun to find a vintage dress?

...except I always have a hard time finding vintage clothes that fit.

Getting married in a vintage dress that doesn't quite fit at a zoo. Only my best friend.

Only Lucy.


Plantation said...

Kosher food tastes gross. Talk her out of it.

betsy said...

OMG, I thought I was the only one who had a kosher vintage wedding @ the zoo! What a freak!!!
"Here comes the bride..." "Watch out for those crap flinging monkeys!"

A said...

Oh, Dazed. I just peed myself laughing!

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