Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not quite the reaction I was looking for

Remember how my estranged uncle wanted me to teach him how to skate?

It took me a mere month to work up the courage to call him back. I did on Sunday.

He called and left a message for me on Monday; we finally connected tonight.

I was like, "yo, you wanted me to teach you how to skate, dog?"

And he's like. "Yep. But I can't right now."

I said something sympathetic. I thought he'd injured something.

"Can you keep a secret?" he asked.

"Yes. I said. I can keep a secret." [Note: I never said I would keep this secret.]

"I'm getting married!"

My reaction was something similar to a choke. I asked him when.

April 29.

As in a week from Friday.

Our conversation did not last much longer. I hung up and instantly rang up my parents.

I told my dad. He was shocked.

I told my mom. It made her cry.


I guess I'd cry, too, if Meg abandoned the family to the extent that I didn't even know that she was getting married. ...or who she was getting married to. ...or the gender of the person she was marrying.

I feel horrible now.

My family is so wacky.

Uncle Alan said maybe we could start our skating lessons in June.


Unknown said...

He sounds Sooooooooo wacky! Asking you to teach him to skate, then telling you he's getting married in a week? What's he smoking?!?

Plantation said...

Teach him a lesson about family while you're at it.

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