Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Living the life of the sickly

No tumor. No bleeding. No absence of a brain. Nothing else apparently wrong in my head (although the doctor who read the CT Scan made a note of something somewhat abnormal and "incidental"). So we're back at the start. The doctor suggested a neurologist. And I'm irritated.

I had been feeling better. Mostly. Not 100%. But better to the point that I was willing to forgo the appointments and the prescriptions just to get on with my life. Dealing with this on a daily basis has gotten very old, very fast.

That's exactly what I told my mom when she called me after my appointment. She didn't let on if she was for or against what I told her - and she didn't mention the ten-step plan she had previously devised, a plan to go into action regardless of the end result of yesterday's appointment. I guess she must have been okay with letting the headache monster run its course.

After leaving the doctor and making a quick pit stop at my company's corporate office, I went to Mom and Dad's house and watched Oprah and slept on the sofa with my boy, Stevie. I woke up feeling absolutely craptastic.

And I feel much the same today.

I don't know how people do this. I don't know how they live their lives feeling poorly.

It's only been a month, and I already feel like I'm going insane.


Stace said...

"ONLY BEEN ONE MONTH." I'm surprised you haven't raised some serious hell. I couldn't work, live, or function if my head were hurting.

Plantation said...

Seriously. Did you take a puck in the head? Should you be in the pipes with this headache?

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