Monday, April 03, 2006

For scheduling purposes

One thing I'll miss about this stupid job, if I ever get my act together and leave it, is my schedule.

Certain parts, anyway.

Tomorrow, I'm not due in until 11 AM. Glorious! But I'm planning on going in early so I can sneak out to have dinner with Lucy. Equally glorious! And I don't even have to tell anyone my plans, because my boss is incapable of remembering my schedule. I like her for that.

Thursdays are nice, because I don't go in until 2 PM. The staying 'til 10 part bites my ass, but apparently working 2-5 doesn't quite get me to 40 hours/week. Damnit.

Working Saturdays is as fun as splashing yourself in the eye with hot grease. Fridays off, however, rev my engine. I get to skate in the mornings (what is this sleeping in you speak of?). Mom is off of work - I get a lot of quality (read: power shopping) time with her. And it's the perfect day to schedule CAT scans (2:15 this Friday!), quality time with La Doctora del Cha Cha and the like.

Does this make up for the fact that I am mildly disgruntled and stuck in a position with no way up that isn't even challenging?

Um, not quite.

But I'm trying to be positive here!

...I'm hoping it will cure the headaches.


Shelley said...

A schedule like that is kind of bitter-sweet. On the plus side, you get some sunny mornings/afternoons off during the week to make appointments or enjoy the day. On the down side, you're sometimes stuck at work all evening while everyone else you know is at a BBQ together. I used to have that schedule too...I can relate!

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