Monday, March 13, 2006

This makes me giddy

From a celebrity newsgroup, via another celebrity gossip newsgroup, reposted on a skating newsgroup, and now pasted here:

"Okay, I will try and get through this one without dying of hysterical laughter and, although it will be tough, I owe it to you to pull through. Deep breath. Apparently, real-life lovers Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are meeting on screen (in a non-animated way) for the first time with a romantic comedy about figure skating. Must ... contain ... sarcasm.

"According to Contact Music, which quotes a studio source, "Justin is a speed-skater and Cameron is a figure-skater, and the whole thing is set at the Olympic Games in the Olympic Village. Cameron and Justin have been working on a number of ideas together and this is one they are seriously considering taking ... on themselves."

"Now, in my non-professional opinion, there could only ever be one film about figure skating - The Cutting Edge. I'm positive that film is on the top ten list of 99 percent of the population, however no one will ever admit it ... except for me! C'mon, the love, the passion, the Pamchenko Twist -- all of it, brilliant! While we're not exactly sure which direction the Timberlake/Diaz romantic comedy will go in, I'd like to officially nominate it for a Razzie right now. Ya know, if that's okay."

Thank goodness for the magic of the movies: Cameron Diaz is WAY too tall to be a figure skater.


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