Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is what makes me nervous

I told my cousin Mara about my interview first, with the “don’t tell Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed” disclaimer.

Mara and I exchanged emails. We got a little giddy. We made plans. Cab to her apartment. Cab to the interview. Cab back to the airport. A tiny bit of cousin time squeezed in late on Thursday night, but mostly I’d be on my own. Fine by me.

Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed are...well...they’re demanding. Their expectations are very high. I feel a lot of pressure from them and I’m just their niece. I can’t imagine how it is for their kids. That’s why I didn’t want to tell them at all. I didn’t want them to know if I failed; I didn’t want them breathing down my neck as I prepared. But logic and my mother both told me that I really didn’t have a choice. They would have to know, eventually, that I was in Chicago to interview. And it wasn’t fair for me to expect their daughter to keep it quiet.

I emailed them on Sunday night.

On Monday, it was decided that they would pick me up at the airport, take me to get something to eat and drop me off at Mara’s apartment.

Today, Aunt Louise emailed me. “We decided that it would be the best if...” Now, I’m staying at their house. Uncle Ed will drive me to the interview. He’ll drop my suitcase off at Aunt Louise’s office. I will call her when the interview is over, meet her at the Starbucks conveniently located between her office and my interview, and we will spend the afternoon together! If, of course, there is time. Perhaps they will love me so much they’ll want to spend the entire day with me. Ha.

Aunt Louise and I will spend a bit of time together. And then we’ll hop on the Blue Line and out to O’Hare for my flight!

...yes, I do believe that she is planning on escorting me to the airport.

...yes, I do plan on fighting that.

But only that.

In most circumstances, I would be pissed off that Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed took the reins and changed my course. This time, I’ll just pretend that I didn’t notice. Because, really, this is – in their own demented way – how they show how much they love me.

I’m a dog wearing a choke collar. It’s for my own good!

Oh, what living with them will be like.


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