Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A smattering

Something great has happened to me. I have been chosen to be a Nielsen family. I got a survey (with five crisp $1 bills!) in the mail, anyhow. I feel strangely special. I went to college and I watch only CNN and trashy reality television. Cross-section of America, baby!

It seems that I have possibly scored a really, really fun summer job for my sister. She worked last weekend, did a good job, and was invited to work again this weekend. The job is with a division of my company, actually. A division that treats its employees exponentially better than my division. She’ll only be part-time, anyhow. A little abuse won’t kill her.

I’ve had a horrible, pounding sinus headache every day since last Wednesday. It’s getting really, really old. I am not crazy about feeling as though my brain is about to burst from my ears; my coworkers have tired of me begging them to stand on my temple to relieve some of the pressure.

I’m trying to drink more water and am failing miserably. I used to be so good! Now, coffee is a big draw. And if I’m not drinking coffee (or a coffee/hot chocolate mix), I’m not drinking anything. B-a-d.

It’s really too bad that I won’t have a change to paint my toenails before I go to yoga class tomorrow, because my feet are disgusting. Revolting, even.

Ooooh. A shootout in the Red Wings game followed by 8th and Ocean.

My life. Breathtakingly exciting, no?



betsy said...

Getting paid to watch tv? Now that is my type of career path!!!

Mrs. Architect said...

Holy cow thats awesome! I am SUPER jealous! I wish my opinion counted in the ratings!!

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