Friday, March 31, 2006

Since my head is the only thing I am capable of writing about

I went to the doctor on Thursday morning. I had the first appointment of the day. In some women's magazine, I once read that getting the first appointment of the day was the thing to do.

I didn't schedule for the first appointment of the day on purpose, but - hey - it can't hurt to have your doctor's brain all fresh and eager, right?


She looked in my ears, which feel as though they are about to explode brain particulate whenever I have headaches. Less fluid than last week, she said. And last week's fluid wasn't substantial.

Soooo...she's put me in an antibiotic and scheduled me for a CT Scan next Friday afternoon.


After my appointment, I traded cars with my dad so he could get Stella's oil changed. Then I went on my very first trip to Trader Joe's and promptly fell in love. Fruit leather! Hummus! Delicious frozen healthy stuff! Ginger cookies shaped like cats that are low fat and delicious and make me happy. I heart that store. Love at first shop.

After Trader Joe's, I went to work. And then, at 9:15 pm, I went home from work. And at 10:15 pm, I got a call from work because there was a "disaster." At 10:20 pm, I drove back to work. At 11:05 pm, I had diverted the "disaster" and I went back home.

And then I went to bed.



Unknown said...

mmmm fruit leather... I really want some!

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