Saturday, March 04, 2006

Princess proves she has substance

Have I mentioned that I am the best daughter in the world?

Sure, I have a habit of abusing his credit card. And I can be a little harsh about the smallest things. But I’m still the best.

Let me set the scene.

Friday. March 3. My day off.

Exhibit A: After skating for two hours, I rush to Mom and Dad’s house to shower and change. From there, I rush to Dad’s new work, to spend the day doing exactly what any sane girl would like to do on her day off: cleaning and organizing her Dad’s office.

Dad was lucky enough to inherit an office (and a position) from a slob. Oh, how trashed the office was. Major reorganization was in order, as well as a thorough scrubbing of the walls and keyboard. Then there was a trip to Home Depot (to pick up new blinds for his windows) and the great office redecoration. Dad (quite the sports collector) had lots of golf trophies to put on shelves and autographed sports photos to hang on the walls.

It was an all-day project.

(Minus the 45 minutes we took for the most delicious lunch of Mexican food EVER).

At 4:00, Dad kicked me out. I had better things to do. Like run errands for the poker party he was having that night.

Which brings us to Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: Mom and Meg are in Florida. Dad is home alone. Dad likes having poker parties. When Mom isn’t home.

Soooo. I washed my hands and stopped to pick up the deli tray Dad ordered and ran to the grocery store to pick up a few of the essentials. I made the fastest batch o’ guacamole ever. Dumped chips into baskets. Scooped dips into pretty lil’ bowls. Marthafied the kitchen counter with all of the yummies in a New York minute.

And then I was crowned the best daughter in the world. The end.


betsy said...

And you wear that crown damn well too!

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