Monday, March 27, 2006

My achy breaky brain

Newsflash: today I had a headache! Better than the brain bruiser I had on Friday, worse than the wimpy head pangs I had yesterday and Saturday.

I’m on day 12 of The Endless Headache Streak and I know that you guys are sick of hearing about it, but, mostly it is my life right now. So. Um. Sorry about that.

The entire situation is crap.

I’ve made a follow-up appointment with the doctor that I saw last Thursday. My primary care physician, unfortunately, is booked up until a week from Friday. Damnit. She is smart and awesome and really adorable and I’m totally comfortable with her. So it figures that I can’t get in to see her. Tomorrow, I think I’ll call and make an appointment with her whenever I can get in. Just in case I continue feeling like roadkill. Which I hope isn’t the case.

This is starting to really bother me. Not the headaches, which are painful but not debilitating, but the uncertainty of the situation. I keep asking myself if this is all some ridiculous figment of my imagination. I am constantly questioning what I feel and how I’m reacting to pain.

I don’t like second-guessing myself.

And I really don’t like the thought of this all being mental.

For now, per my lovely mother’s request, I will be a good little patient/daughter and I will log my headaches and the severity on a scale of 1-10 and the medication I’m taking and the amount of stress I had that day the color clothes I’m wearing and the music that I’m listening to and hope that it will make my doctor go “ah ha! I know the problem! It is that you are too lovely, talented and perfect to work a full-time job. You will have to stop right now. I know a charming and attractive young man who you are perfectly compatible with and – just your luck! – he is looking for a wife that he can spoil for the rest of his days.”

Now, before I wrap this babble up, I should admit something here: GFF was right on target. Chocolate helps. A customer brought us a 5-gallon tub of the most delicious chocolate ice cream that has ever been made. Creamy. Not too sweet. The perfect texture so that I don’t sprain my wrist when I scoop it. And I swear that my headaches temporarily subside after I eat it.

Oh, chocolate euphoria.

I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but I’m hoping that there’s a solution out there that doesn’t require a steady diet of chocolate ice cream.

Well, actually, I hope that’s the fix.

It’s the size of my ass that doesn’t.


ropedncr said...

I'm sorry you're still going through this. I'll continue keeping you in my prayers.

Stace said...

You know I thought I had a headache just b/c it'd been awhile, but NOW I know I'm having sympathy pains. AWESOME, just AWESOME!

Plantation said...

Are you sure you didn't get whacked with a hockey puck or stick? Seriously. Am worried about you.

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