Thursday, March 09, 2006

Major concerns

I bit the bullet and made my flight reservations. It appears that there is no turning back. Next Friday is the day. If it happens, it will happen fast. It blows my mind to think that I might not be here just a month from now.

There is a lot of worry.

1. Living arrangements
More likely than not, I’ll start out at Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed’s house. I question my ability to grin and bear their incessant micromanagement of my life.

2. My darling Stella
Aunt Louise and Uncle Ed live in Evanston, so I could keep Stella while I live with them. But she’s a suburb sort of a girl, so I have no idea what I’ll do if I ever actually move into the city. Especially since I have 2 years and 3 months left on my lease.

3. Money, money, money, money
I won’t be making much, if any, more than I make now. And the cost of living is like woah. So that sort of blows.

4. Finding a new soccer team
With nice girls to be my teammates!

5. Finding a new skating coach
And a figure skating club with a lot of adult skaters, so I feel happy and comfortable and totally at home.

6. Newness
Must learn to find my way around everywhere! This seems like a very crazy, very new concept for sweet, simple little me. ...even though I did it in college and I did it the summer I studied in Denver and the summer I worked at a camp in Pennsylvania. This newness, though, is a little more permanent. I’ll have to find a dentist and a hairstylist!
Okay. Actually, I won’t. You know Aunt Louise is going to make all of my appointments.

7. Living away from my mammy and pappy
So what if I’m a bit of a homebody? Even since I "grew up" and "moved out on my own" I still see them at least once a week. And talk to them practically every day. And suckle all of my nutrients from my mother’s breast.

8. Being lonely
Because, really, is there anything worse?


Unknown said...

It's going to be SUCH a fun adventure, I'm envious! I LOVE moving to new towns and exploring and learning the roads and the little cute shops and restaurants and my new favorite local places. And once you join your soccer team and an adult skating league, I have a feeling the loneliness will be far, far behind you :)

Plantation said...

Agreed. Everything is new and exciting and unexplored. Fingers crossed for ya.

betsy said...

And you can still talk to your parents everyday...just a phone call away! Plus, chicago? SWEET!!!!!

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