Monday, March 13, 2006

Hide the plastic

I did it when Colin and I were new. I am definitely doing it again now.

I cope with new, with uncertainty, with change by shopping.

Like there’s this little rationalizing elf inside my head that says, “Sure, honey! Things are changin’ on the inside, so you should be makin’ things look different on the outside! Just charge it!”

Shit, yo! It’s a bad habit! You should’ve seen me on Friday! Books. Shoes. Supplies for my skates. A nice chunk of change gone in approximately 90 minutes. I’m lucky that shores aren’t underwater, because I would’ve been too concentrated to come up for air. Dead by shopping.

Yesterday, Mom and I went out together. The damage was somewhat lessened. A new scarf, hat and gloves. It was 65 degrees today. “You’ll need it, if you go to Chicago.” Two Wonderbras, 34A, because I’m flat. A brown sweater because it was cute.

I don’t fly out until the evening, but I took Thursday off of work. Mall Madness, part III. There will be a manicure. My hair, I think, could use some highlights. And there’s this supercute coat that would look so good over whatever suit I decide to wear on Friday. And it’s totally Chicago chic. I’ll be an adorable little city girl!

I am honestly afraid of what I will do in Chicago on Friday afternoon if I’m offered this job.

I know exactly where Tiffany’s is.


ropedncr said...

Good luck in Chicago! If you get it we'll practically be neighbors. Well, not really. We're about 60 miles west of Chicago. But hey.

Didja miss me?

betsy said...

Not only do I love shopping, I love to read about other people shopping too! Good luck with the interview, cant wait to hear how it goes!!!

Unknown said...

Haha, before I got to the end of the post, I was thinking, just wait till she gets to Chicago!! :)

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