Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Help me, fashion police

Okay, my pretties, I need your help.

What suit do I wear to my interview?

Suit A: Chocolate brown pinstriped.

Suit B: Softer brown with ever-so-faint pumpkin stripes.

The anticipated shoes and handbag.

Suit A is probably a little cuter, but I'm leaning towards Suit B because it's what I wore when I interviewed for my internship, and I totally killed that interview and subsequently snagged that job.

Photos (somewhat blurry, but I really don't care enough to retake) courtesy of my craptastic camera, taken in my bathroom while talking on the phone.

(Let us all hope I don't half-ass my interview like I half-assed this picture-posting mission.)


Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's too late to vote, but I'm all for suit A. Then again, you should wear whatever will make you feel the most confident and kick ass. Good luck! I'm sure the interview will go well.

~ A longtime lurker

betsy said...

I say go with suit A, love the color! The shoes/purse are hot too!

Unknown said...

I think I like suit A too- you will look so hot!! GOOD LUCK!

Plantation said...

Go with the dark color and just be your normal everyday funny charming smart self.

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