Monday, March 06, 2006

File under: scary, exciting

I wasn’t going to tell you guys this. I’m a little superstitious: I don’t like to announce things that aren’t certain. And this is far from certain.

But it’s also the only thing I can think about today.

I have a job interview a week from Friday. The 18th. It’s for a position that I am uniquely qualified for. The perfect blend of my education, my interests, my strengths and my experience. It’s with a small, growing company. Lots of room for advancement.

And it’s in Chicago.

I was emailed the job posting the morning before the big management turnover at work. I send the resume and cover letter the next day. Two phone interviews and an editorial test later, here I am.

Scared shitless.

Because I have this strong, strong feeling that my chances at landing this job are really good.

Because I know that I would be incredibly stupid to turn this opportunity down.

Because of the huge changes that would follow if I were to be offered this job and if I were to accept.

It’s a lot to think about!

Job-wise, it’s a non-issue. Here = blah. There = better.

It’s everything else that has my intestines clawing their way out of my body in anxiety. The move, the change, the friends, the family, the Colin, the soccer team, the hockey team, the skating club, the Motor City. The life I know.

It’s terrifying.

And, at the same time, it feels right. Like this is how I should feel. And this is what I should do. And that everything will turn out like it should.

So. Here goes nothing.

Take out your rabbit’s foot. Cross your fingers for me.

Wish on stars that I get the opportunity and that I make the best decision.



Plantation said...

Consider it done. Yes, I do believe it's time to leave the nest. Remember me when you become famous.

betsy said...

Sounds like a great opportunity and its only one state away! Good luck!!!!!

Unknown said...

ooh GOOD LUCK! It sounds like you know what you're doing- I'm proud of you. Can't wait to hear more about it!

The Girl Least Likely To... said...

I'll be sending you good luck vibes that day. Chicago is quite wonderful too, you wouldn't regret it if you moved here.

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