Monday, February 06, 2006

My old boss and my new boss are married and it blows

I just had my year-end performance review (on Feburary 6th. We're really on top of shit 'round these party) and it sucked balls.

And I ended up crying.

FUCK! I wanted to never, ever cry at work. Fuckfuckfuck.

My review went something like this: you're brilliant but you can be a huge a bitch.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'll just fake it. Nothing in the past three months has happened and I have rainbows flying out of my ass.

Need to find employment elsewhere.

To mitigate my misery and for a sweet-ass reason to modify this for my own needs.


betsy said...

As an older and so much more experienced (ok, Ive been working "corporate life" for 7 whole years) company can give out the "perfect, A+ reviews anymore. They have to find something for you to "work" on and set goals for next year. Its a huge time waster, and not to mention a bitch slap to the face b/c they critique on such bullshit things. Dont take it to maybe "bitch" is another word for ASSERTIVE! =)

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