Monday, February 13, 2006


My mom kicked Emma out today.

She was horribly bad the last 24 hours. Ranting, raving, uncontrollable. When her evil switch is flipped to on, she cannot be reasoned with. She cannot be spoken to. You cannot be anything but a victim to her anger. It is a horrible, scary thing to witness.

Mom was home alone with Emma. She had enough. Called her parents. Pick her up. Now. Then Mom left for my grandma's house.

I imagine that it was horribly hard for my mom to give up on Emma. But living with her, I'm certain, was equally hard. It was a struggle when my dad was at home all day to help. It was close to impossible once he was back at work.

I'm disappointed. Not in my parents, but because they were essentially the last resort and the situation seemed so promising.

Where does she go next?

I am finding that it is incredibly hard to love someone so much and hate the person that she can be.

And I'm not the one living with her.

And I'm not her parents.

And there isn't much that I can do to help.


Plantation said...

How can one take such a bad fall like the Chinawoman, take a 10 minute break, and still be allowed to compete and then win a silver medal? Makes no sense.

A said...

I had to be up very early this morning and I was upset by the Emma situation, so I didn't see the last few pairs teams.

Was it really 10 minutes? I think I heard 5 minutes on NBC this morning.

From what I understand, she was clearly very injured, they took the
full two minutes (which the rulebook permits) to decide
whether to continue, and did some stroking around until their music
until reached the point where they left off.

Based on what I read, it seems their medal may have been a bit of a gift. ...Lots of small problems
throughout the rest of the program. But since I didn't see it, I'm just speculating.

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