Saturday, February 11, 2006

I may not update again until the closing ceremonies


I hate my job, but I don't care.
Colin ignores me, but I don't care.
My extended family could not possibly be going through more crap than they already are.
It's too cold outside.
I never get enough sleep.
I really need a haircut.
I haven't vacuumed my apartment in weeks.
I have to turn in my registration for spring ice (translation: I'll soon be very poor).
I need to pretend like I am in possession of a brain and read a damn book like a normal educated person.
My back hurts.

Who cares?!


And I've waited, like, 4 years for this.

Michelle Kwan is going for that elusive gold medal and Emmanuel Sandhu is being graceful and unpredictable practically the ONLY entrant in the men's event that I like and the Russians are beautiful and will be painted as the bad guys by American media (per usual!) and are trying to sweep all of the medals (which I don't think they'll do. But 3 of 4 is quite likely).

Oh, JOY!

It's the most wonderful time of the four-year Olympic cycle.

p.s. has live event results. OH MY GOD! My life is over.


thirtysomething said...

Im soooo sorry to hear that Michelle Kwan had to pass. With all the stuff in your live, losing this long anticipated joyous event must be realy hard on you.

Empathatic hugs!

Plantation said...

Sorry bout Kwan too but the frankly the story is tiresome and overblown. Nice triple throw axel or whatever yesterday.

Agreed, the winter olympics are a breath of fresh air. Enjoy.

betsy said...

Girl, take a step or two away from the tv and sweep that apartment! Clean carpet always makes everything better!!!

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