Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Full circle

When my dad joined his country club, it was a feeling of coming full circle.

He had been a caddy at the same country club as a kid.

He married mom at the same country club as a barely-no-longer-a-kid 20-year-old.

And, finally, he joined.

When the news leaked out that the land for the country club had been sold, Dad was quietly depressed. He never said how disappointed he was, but you could hear it in his voice when he talked about the million-dollar homes that his club was being bulldozed for.

Last summer was the club’s last year as a private course. This year, it goes public. Then...a subdivision.

Dad, who is by no means a natural romantic, must have thought he was so clever when he came up with the idea of hosting a 30th anniversary party for him and Mom at the country club. He spoke with management, convinced them to open especially for his anniversary party. How could they say no? Not for a member with such history.

Mom and Dad’s anniversary was on Monday.

There won’t be a party. Planning was quietly ceased when Dad’s job was terminated.

It makes me awfully sad. It was an opportunity that will never come around again.

Anniversary 35 will come. Anniversary 40, too.

But the country club won’t be there.

And wasn’t the history behind it what was going to make that party special, anyway?

It’s a shame.


Plantation said...

A damn shame. Can't you plan on something and surprise them?

Stace said...

Awe man, that makes me sad!

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