Monday, February 06, 2006


Did you know that my dad got a job? No. You wouldn't. Because the two-page post that I wrote (and didn't save) on Saturday was savagely eaten by Blogger.

You also don't know that my dad, sister and I ran into Snoop Dog (twice!) and Mike Tyson in downtown Detroit on Friday afternoon.

This post will be recreated, ASAP, because I know how interesting my life truly is.

Or how infrequently I run into celebrities. Whatever.


M said...

Yay for the job! I actually read the downtown Detroit post and then saw it was gone, so I thought there was something fishy going on.

thirtysomething said...

Well, I accctualy read the post on your Down Town - vist from Saturday (including your encounters with Snoop Dog) - so were did that go?

If you are considering using an (offline) Editor for creating your posts (and therefore not loosing them because of some unfortunate tecnical errors) I can recommed wBloggar.

Plantation said...

Huh! I read it. *poof* It's gone. Am glad your dad got a job. As for you and your review, I don't know what reality is, but I can tell you from experience that corp america is political and you have to play the game. You have to suppress the real you sometimes in given situations. Play the game my dear. You're good in the sports arena. Apply it to your job because it too is a game. Luv, PT

betsy said...

I read about the snoop dizzle too, but when I tried to comment, blogger wouldnt let me! I wanted to tell you J (hubs) is in your neck of the woods all week...and I told him to be on the look out for tha doggfather!!!

Sarah said...

bloggers a bitch, i write in word now then transfer it.

cant wait to hear the stories!

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