Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sudden and sharp

Today marked the very first very abrupt departure that has directly affected me and my job.

It fucking blows, I tell you.

My boss has been relieved of the dual role he has been juggling since my building opened in August. He is being replaced by a woman whose intelligence I question just slightly more than I question her qualifications.

And I'm questioning her qualifications like Wayne Gretzky scored goals.


We found out this afternoon.

It took me two seconds to realize that this change is going to strap me with a perma-bitch attitude, approximately 20 more hours per week and $0.

And I'm not even the one who is truly being fucked in this situation.

Needless to say, my resume experienced a complete overhaul this evening. Shortly after a lot of tears (on the phone with my parents), yoga class (which has never felt so good) and the ingestion of a lot of cheese.

Sharp cheddar, if you must know.


Plantation said...

Sorry girl. You gotta expect the unexpected. It takes years but eventually, there will be NOTHING that can surprise you. Took me all of 17 years of working to finally get it. I tell ya, a good boss can/will make or break any job and it's not worth sticking around the bad ones. Good luck, OK?

P.S. I'm partial to Vermont white cheddar (Cabot)

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