Sunday, January 01, 2006


Aunt Marie is back in the hospital.

I would like to be selfish and sarcastically declare, “great! This is just what I needed!”

Much like it is just what my mom needed. Just what Grandma the Troll needed. Just what the whole fucking family was craving: another complication – medically and otherwise.

Aunt Marie broke her ankle again. Now the decision is between doing surgery to repair the fracture (leaving her so very susceptible to another infection), bracing the ankle and letting it heal however it heals (all the while holding our breath and praying that she again slip past the threat of amputation) or simply declaring the case a lost cause and amputating.

It’s very difficult.

Added to this situation is that of Aunt Marie’s youngest daughter, Emma. Emma has severe, severe behavioral problems. I’m not sure what she’s been diagnosed with, but her anger management is terrifyingly poor, her view of the world is sadly askew and she’s on a lot of medication. Including anti psychotics.

Emma is angry. Insanely, dangerously, violently pissed that she doesn’t have a “normal” mother. She takes the majority of her anger out on Aunt Marie, screaming at her incessantly, telling her that she hates her and that she needs to go back to the hospital. It’s to the point where Emma is so hateful towards Aunt Marie that her own mother doesn’t want her in the house. To someone in excellent health, she is exhausting. I can’t imagine how hard it is for Aunt Marie, especially with the added complication that is the fact that she gave birth to a child who is so filled with hate.

When Aunt Marie went into the hospital at Thanksgiving, Emma lived with Grandma. She stayed at my mom and dad’s house on the weekends.

This time around, judging by how she’s now acting out when she is with Grandma, it looks like she’ll be staying with Mom and Dad. Honestly, if Emma has to stay with anyone in the family, my parents are probably the best choice. My mom is educated in such a way (and has been in enough of her own therapy sessions) to know the best way to handle her and my dad’s temperament is second to none.

But I hate that they’re going to take on such an angry kid, in addition to everything else.

When will enough really be enough?

Soon, I hope.


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