Monday, January 02, 2006

Dessert for pervs

To celebrate a new year and a new start, Mom and Dad made a grand dinner last night. For dessert, Mother whipped up a new recipe. Chocolate Lava Cake. Or, as we demented folk prefer to call it, Chocolate Cum Cake.

The middle of Chocolate Lava Cake is chocolate sauce. So, you break it open with your fork, and – ooh! – chocolate oozes everywhere.

Or, as we demented folk see it, it splooges everywhere.

Whatever its name, that chocolate delight was a phenomenal way to celebrate 2006. Terribly delicious, I tell you. And terribly easy. An optimum combination, if you ask me.

Unrelated: Mom went with Emma and her dad to see her psychologist today. The psychologist put Emma on new medications and suggested that she stay with my parents for the next few weeks, so that my mother (a healthcare professional) can monitor her on her medications and so that she is not exposed to the stressors that she would be exposed to at home.

...Aunt Marie should be home from the hospital this week.

Related: when I called home and found out Emma would be living at my mom and dad’s house for the next few weeks, I was informed that Meg, Mom and Emma were in the midst of making – what else? – Chocolate Cum Cake. Mmmmm! Wouldn’t her parents be proud! Good thing they’re sending her to Catholic school so that she is refined and well rounded not a pervert. Hahahaha.

I must admit, my MS Outlook calendar is sent to remind me when TLC’s Ice Diaries and FOX’s Skating with Celebrities are on TV. Oh how I love the Olympic season. Figure skating is everywhere!

I love that.


Unknown said...

Yum that cake sounds amazing! And it's easy to make? I'd love the recipe if you have it handy!

betsy said...

I'll second GFF on the recipe request, not only do I love the name of that cake, I love the "action" of that cake!!! Break me off a piece of that!

Plantation said...

I've had it. It's wonderful.

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