Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good/less than good

My Aunt Marie (and her leg!) were discharged from the hospital today; when she was waiting for the car, she was so happy that she cried.

This good news is long overdue. I went home yesterday. Dad was upbeat, but the house whispers the mourning that we’re each silently consumed by.

I’m not coping very well. The weight is so heavy. I’m so sad.

This is going to be some Christmas.


Plantation said...

Now that Ropecancer has retired, I guess I'm now the resident 'old guy.' If I ever give you too much advice, just shoot me, OK?

I"m glad to at least hear your aunt is marginally better. Life is strange, deary. It practically tests you every day. I don't know why the down periods are so long and the good ones are so short. I have this feeling though that some amazing things are coming your way, so you just hang in there, OK? Merry XMAs.

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