Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wedding bliss

Liz's wedding was breathtakingly gorgeous. It was strange, looking at her reception and knowing that, if I ever marry, my wedding will not have a chance in hell at being as extravagant and elegent as hers was.

But that's okay.

Now, lets get to the pictures. I hardly have any to share; I'm shitty at taking pictures - and really awesome at carrying a camera around all day for no particular reason.

I let Jenna, the flower girl, take a few shots. They were awfully beautiful.

She even mentioned to catch your favorite blogger. Hmmm.

The reception was exceptionally beautiful. The church was, too, but apparently I didn't take any pictures there.

Reception, again.

These pictures aren't great. I suspect it is because they were taken just as we walked into the room, rushed to put away our belongings and check out the room before guests were allowed in. At this time, I was hungry enough to eat my flowers.


Anonymous said...

From what little I can see, that's one of the nicest bridesmaid dresses I've ever seen, and you look FINE in it. :)

Sarah said...

So that's what you look like! Looks like such a beautiful wedding - and just tell me when the congrats head your way ;)

Plantation said...

3 pix of empty tables??? Sorry girl, Boring. ;-)

Unknown said...

Wow, the reception hall is beautiful! (Sorry PT, but that's the kind of pictures girls like :))

Heeheehee... you caught the bouquet... you know what that means :)

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