Friday, November 18, 2005

Today = good

Today was one of the more perfect days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t work; that alone tips the day towards perfect.

I started the day with an eyebrow wax. It was not among the most newsworthy portions of my day, but it also did not include excruciating pain or the letting of any blood. I cannot complain.

Mom and I have been planning today for a few weeks now. Then she was scheduled for a meeting and I got begged to work. We both managed to weasel out of our obligations for a little Christmas shopping spree.

And when I say little, I actually mean big.

Mom has six nieces, all relatively close in age/style/look/taste/interests, etc. Generally, Christmas presents for the nieces follow a common trend – everybody gets a watch, fleeces for one and for all, pajamas, jewelry, whatever.

I would tell you all what the present theme is this year, but I’m afraid of being secretly read (hi, cousins!) and ruining the Christmas surprise. So, we’ll just say that it’s an awfully nice gift that we had to go to the outlet mall for.

(So nice that my sister and I nabbed presents in accordance to the theme, too! Score.)

There was much more shopping to be done. A return visit to the Pottery Barn outlet (insert mental images of makes-me-weak-in-the-knees lamp and homey new kitchen rugs here, because I could describe neither in less than 400 words), Banana Republic, Nike, Gap, BCBG, Adidas and some random store that had a lot of salt and pepper shakers. I’m definitely forgetting some stores; I remain in shopping coma and expect to be in this state for a handful of days.

Here’s what makes the Birch Run outlet mall the best outlet mall: Zehnder’s. About 10 minutes from the outlets, Zehnder’s is this huge-ass family-owned restaurant that specializes in two things:
1. Wait staff in corny-ass uniforms.
2. Ungodly delicious (and ungodly unhealthy) family-style chicken dinners.

So, when you’re done shopping your ass off, you drive to Zehnder’s (which is in the middle of the cutest old Bavarian town) and you eat your ass back on.

This is what they feed you:
-Garlic toast and cheesy spread
-Chicken noodle soup
-Cottage cheese
-Green beans
-Mashed potatoes
-Buttered noodles
-Ice cream

This is the result:
-Extreme fullness.

It was wonderful.

And then, Mammy and I drove home. I spent some quality time with my dad. And now I’m going out with Colin.

Is the excitement of my life killing all of you?

I thought so.


Plantation said...

Good luck with the Big Game today, sweetie.

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