Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's my Saturday

Today is my day off; my work (and, thus, my sleep) schedule is so f'ed up right now. I'm impressed that I know what day it is.

I spent my morning in my pajamas. I watched Dawson's Creek and two episodes of Laguna Beach. The pleasure this brought me makes me wonder if I'm finally going through my teenage phase. In high school, I never watched stupid TV. I didn't try so damn hard to impress boys. I didn't buy so much makeup. I wasn't this shallow. I swear.

I finished the purse I started knitting over Memorial Day. I must post a picture of it. Ya'll will be so proud!

There are many exciting things on my plate for the remainder of my day off. I will buy a bulletin board for my kitchen, paint my toenails pink, go to Best Buy to spend the $100 gift card that's burning a hole in my wallet and eat massive amounts of pumpkin seeds. I should hit the gym, but I'm not going.

I haven't posted anything about Colin in a long, long time. We had a bad summer, but he's creeping back into the picture.



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