Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A hollow sort of aching

Based on her most recent operation, it looks as though my aunt Marie is going to lose her leg. The decision will be made next week.

I have a meeting on the west side today, so I spent last night at Mom and Dad's house. I came home to my mom crying on her bed. And that scares me. Even at 23, it's scary to see that my mom is vulnerable.

Mom is a wreck. Grandma is falling apart. Emma, Aunt Marie's youngest daughter, is acting out to the point that there is fear of what she will do to herself and others.

And there's nothing to be done. We to sit and wait and watch the family fall apart. We hope and we pray.

We pretend we're not as scared as we really are.


Unknown said...

Wow... I'm so sorry. I will keep your aunt & your family & you in my prayers.

betsy said...

It is a good thing your aunt has such a good, strong family to care for her and surround her. Hope everything goes ok.

Stace said...

YIKES!! I'll pray for your family. And hope for the best.

Plantation said...

You are stronger than you believe. Thinking of you and wishing for the best.

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