Monday, November 21, 2005

Confused, cluttered

There is so much going on right now. The latest in the Colin drama is just the start of it. Work is heating up. There is crisis on Mom's side of the family. Cousin Liz gets married this weekend. Baking 1 gajikillion pies is on the horizon.

I don't know which way is up.

As usual.

I skipped going to the gym tonight for a shopping trip with the hopes that I would:
a. clear my head
b. find a duvet cover.

I lose. Neither accomplished. The clutter in my skull will be emptied only by time. And only an act of God will find me a solid-color duvet cover that matches the rest of my bedroom. As I'm also keeping my regular, striped comforter on my bed (aka sleep sauna), it really needs to be a solid color. A bright solid color, in fact. It also needs to cost $2.

I'm afraid that alcohol gave Colin the courage to talk to me on Friday night and we're never going to work this out because he can't communicate with me. I'm anxious about the wedding. I am counting down the seconds until the RENT movie comes out. I'm bitter because I have to grow my nails out for the pre-wedding manicure and I hate having even moderately longish nails. I'm busy. My shoulder kind of hurts. I started my period today. Lucy called me from Thailand yesterday, which brought me a lot of happiness but little clarity. I'm worried about my mom because of how much she worries about her sister. I'm annoyed because I don't have answers.

FedEx delivered my tickets to the December 3 DMB show today.

I'm scared.


Plantation said...

Duvet cover: try surfing the net
Colin: The boy's immature. You can do better.

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