Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shoes, self

I'm playing on a women's indoor team on Sunday nights; the soccer facility I'm playing at has FieldTurf so, being the equipment whore that I am, I bought myself some turf shoes this weekend.

Flashy, aren't they?

I had a game tonight; I didn't wear them. Not because of the fear of blisters. It was fear of others.

I told myself that flashy shoes should be reserved for flashy players. I stuffed them back into my bag, trading them for a conservative pair of black indoor flats. What if I'd worn my new Nikes and played poorly? I'd look like a poseur.

Heaven forbid.

I wish I could get over myself and stop caring so much. Being this self-conscious is absolutely exhausting.


Unknown said...

You should go for it! Maybe they have wonderful magic powers :)

For some reason, my blogroll doesn't note when you update, I can't figure out why. Hmmm.

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